Soooo if you purchase clips from the store on using a particular linking code I get 100% of the sales this month instead of the 60% which is usually the situation over there. I hate asking people to use certain links or vote for me or my friends however trust me when I say I need this money far more than the good folks that run clips4sale.
To help me out extra big time this month just click on the link below whenever you buy clips from me there this month.
Mind you it is a much better deal to join my site for the month, however I know many of you are untrusting of pay sites but trust that site for whatever reason.

Here is the borntobebound link to use so I get 100% this month!!

 Also I see all the girls are starting Patreon, Only Fans and AVN star accounts and I’ve been prodded to do it by many for extra income, however I don’t think that is fair to my paying members here at all!!!  I’m going to make my own little area here called JJs AVN Patreon Only Fans and I’ll put in behind the scenes videos and images because I take a ton, probably more than anyone in the industry while shooting. For those of you that like the personal stuff you will be able to find more of it here now that I am in good health and have a better grip on what is going on in my life, I can be more present, like I was the first few years of my bondage career but I’m taking baby steps towards that instead of going all in and then disappearing from emails again for a year or going back to my vanilla life…

 When the virus happened I did a blog here saying that I would do $20 giftcards emailed to for a month long membership here and I am going to continue that deal for the rest of April since many of you are still stuck at home.

PLEASE don’t be opposed to joining a membership site with over 1000 videos for $20 (This One) when you are willing to join these AVN, Patreon, Only Fan accounts with just a month or two worth of content. Also I have A LOT OF OVERHEAD running this site. So to join for $20 this month go to the USA version of amazon which is and select email giftcard and send it to with your email and preferred username and password please. You won’t get immediate access but you will get access as soon as possible and trust me when I say I won’t spend the $20 until you are a member. Your $20 will almost buy me 4 rolls of microfoam for gags. For those of you that write me telling me you are my biggest fan but you’ve only watched my stolen content on tube sites now is the time to earn yourselves some good karma 🙂 🙂  🙂
Stay safe and sane everyone.




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