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Petite and curvy Sybil sits on a sofa and begins to tie herself up. She adds a chest harness and then puts her pantyhose clad legs into a frogtie, ties her wrists in front using her teeth and then struggles to get a harness gag on. One she gets into her bondage she struggles around on the sofa. I enter the scene and decide to put her into some tighter bondage. She has unbuttoned her shirt and her light pink bra is exposed. I put her arms behind her back and put her into a box tie. Then I stuff her mouth with a big pair of satin panties and wrap her head with blue vetwrap. She looks lovely. She gets to her stomach and I cross her legs and tie them up. As I reach to get some rope for the hogtie I realize she looks very unhappy…and she appears to be trying to spit the gag out :/ So I take it off of her, laugh about how she needs to give more blowjobs to toughen up her jaw and put a 2 inch black ballgag between her teeth and then put her back into black to hogtie her. Those of you that have seen a lot of my clips know that I can really pull up on that hogtie rope and make it TIGHT, the way I like to be tied…She sounds distressed for real, not for the sake of the camera, with just a little tug on the rope. I continue on knowing she is OK and wrap some rope around her long thick hair to tie it back and then remove her heels and let her struggle for some time before the clip ends. Sybil is such a beautiful girl who at one time was a super tough bondage model but her heart isn’t in it anymore. She is establishing herself as a top instead, which is why I thought it was a good idea to have her do self bondage before I added anything…Although I love to top myself. I still very much love tight ropes 😉

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  • Thank you 🙂 It is finally to a blond color that looks nice with my skin. There were a few months of looking sickly. Sadly I still have some of those clips that I need to post!

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