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run time 30 minutes

Apologies for the terrible lighting and camera quality, it was during the I lost the good but very hard to use camera in the divorce time. Many thanks to my dear friend Jochen for getting me a new one so there are fortunately not many clips shot with the old one- life saver you are!!

Je C thinks she is up for a part in a play. The heroine has to be tied up in the play so the casting director needs to tie her up. Je is told that she escapes and is a heroine for all women so she reluctantly agrees, but she has no idea just how difficult this will be. She is ballgagged and tied up. Her tits are tied and she is absolutely miserable. Then her mouth is stuffed and beautiful head wrapped. Later even more tape is added. The poor dear is yelping and crying. She is hogtied on her side, her beautiful hair all bound up. She is totally stuck there helpless. Will this woman ever untie her? Is there even a play she is auditioning for?

Aside from the lousy camera Je really could not deal with laying on her bound boobs, see the outtake at the end…she truly was a damsel in distress

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