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run time 24 minutes

She said “It’s a little tighter than I remember”
My first time tying Sammi Miller

Pretty, curvy Sammi doesn’t have too much experience with bondage, but she has worked with a couple producers in the Pittsburgh area AND she said the first time she was tied was by her boyfriend. She is tied to a chair and I ask her questions about her first time being tied, when the last time was she was tied etc….She has a sexy raspy voice, but once I get enough rope on her I decide it’s time to shut her up. I tell her I’m going to shut her with my filthy panties. I put a big red ballgag in her mouth. I can tell she isn’t very happy…I decide to insert a sympathy gag…and I put the exact same on in black in my mouth and wear it as I add more rope to her. I must admit, due to the size of her mouth, hers looks much larger than mine, tho they are the same. I unbutton her blouse and expose her long line bra, and thru my gag I tell her its time to stuff her mouth with my filthy panties. I take out the red ballgag and stuff her mouth with my panties. She tries to talk me out of it telling me her red lipstick will get on them, but that isn’t a deterrent…I stuff her mouth with them anyway and then wrap her mouth with clear tape and shortly thereafter wrap clear electrical tape around her head and tell her to struggle around and make sexy noises. She does :) Then I add more rope so she can’t struggle much at all. I put a stocking over her head. I feel the need to distort her perfectly made up face- and then I laugh out loud at her and add some electrical tape to the gag and she tries to struggle more. She gets one last thing tho, I pair of big lace panties over her head. I tell her I’m going to go get some dinner and she can work on getting herself out of that bondage. I come back in a remove the stocking cap and gag from her face and ask her a few more questions about the experience….

2 Responses to “I could tell she didn’t like the ballgag, so I put one in as well”

  • Gaghermouth:

    I must admit I find a gagged girl tying and gagging another one very erotic. Love to see more of that, and keep the gag on longer…….thank you. Lovely clip xxxxx

  • skirtkis:

    Sammi is just Gorgeous!!! I love beautiful BBW darlings and her lips and eyes and hair send me!

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