This was a custom for Anna and I,

interested in one?

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run time over 29 minutes

JJ and Anna are attorneys and they wear tight, short sleazy office wear to sign clients and win over judges. They won over this particular client but failed with the judge and the client is upset. He comes in disguised as a janitor to gain access to their office. Anna is in there solo. He grabs her and begins to tie and gag her. Eventually JJ comes in and she soon gets the same fate. Eventually the pair get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped. Then they are tied back to back with stocking caps over their heads and microfoam wrapped around their heads. He leaves with one of their purses. The pantyhose clad ladies wriggle to free themselves but just make a big mess of things and JJs mouth stuffing just goes back more and more down her throat as Anna struggles.

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