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A man comes into JJ’s house carrying a hooker named Je C. She is kicking and yelling, her round ass hanging out from her mini skirt. She’s been tied up and gagged and he sets her down on the floor. JJ tells the man she needs more rope on her, so she tosses him some and he begins to bind up her elbows as she struggles against him. Once he has her tied up JJ pulls her gag out of her mouth and pulls her boobs out of her shirt and smacks her ass, removing her little skirt. The guy that brought her in demands the 10,000 grand JJ promised him for bringing her in and she says she will write him a check. He reluctantly says OK, but before JJ knows it she’s being tied up right next to her biggest competition out there on the streets. He shuts JJ up by stuffing her mouth with a giant wad of cloth and putting duct tape on her face. He regags Je C too and the two girls struggle in their hogties on the floor. After some time he comes back and pulls JJ’s big boobs from her tank top and wanders off with Je C leaving JJ there on the floor.

run time over 13 minutes

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