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Morina is a smoking hot late 40s something woman with shiny blond hair and a trim tan figure. I’ve been looking forward to tying her up for a long time. She has lots of energy and just lights up a room. I wanted to, well slow her down!!! I ask her questions while I tie her up…I do all of the tying on screen, starting with her legs and then gag her with a red ballgag with chin strap which gets her drooling quickly. next I tie ropes on her chest and then her tie her arms together. She struggles on the stool in the basement until I decide to swap out the gag, stuffing her mouth with panties and wrapping her head with tape for the first time ever in her bondage career. Then I have her hop over to the little ottoman where I start to put her in one she calls her tightest hogtie and of course the most rope anyone has ever used on her, plus her first stocking over the head, which I pull back to her hogtie. Once I let her out she tells us what she likes best about bondage and lets me know she will come back for more!

run time almost 27 minutes

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  • Titetyer:

    I love the banter after her gag has been removed. It really sounds like she was quite into being tied and thouroughly enjoyed herself. She’s very sexy.

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