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Amanda has been fooled into believing that her lover is going to take her to a fancy fundraiser that night. He never even takes her in public….She is waiting for him pacing around in high heels and a trampy little dress much more appropriate for the strip club than a fundraiser. What she doesn’t know is his bitter wife is the one texting her….She gets to work tying Amanda up and talking trash to her. She ballgags her and makes her stay balanced with her legs tied together and then puts a book on her head and makes her balance with it. Her flowery high high cut panties are cut from her little frame to be used soon to stuff her mouth, clear tape is wrapped around her head. Her heels are removed and her feet and toes are tied in the stockings she is wearing. Then duct tape is wrapped around her face. Now the pair just need to wait for JJs soon to be exhusband to arrive. When he does he seems shocked to see Amanda all tied up, but JJ insists they leave her like that until the return. She rolls Amanda onto her side and puts the clothespins back on her nipples and leaves..

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