Tony (gotcuffs) and I bought a building for DIRT CHEAP not far from my house in the suburbs of Detroit. It was a bank in the early 1900s and then the basement was a banquet hall about around the 1950s and it expands out twice as big as the above ground structure. The last fella that owned it ran an iron works company and used it as a work shop and office. He got it in the 90′s. His business went belly up and I’ve been watching the building for a good year and a half, since I first noticed a sign in front and now it is mine!! We closed today and got in and started cleaning it up….It was a short sale and left an absolute DISASTER to say the very least…. but the bones are good and there is A LOT of a potential for really amazing things! I just have to be patient, work hard and spend wisely. Wish me luck, support our cause and go ahead and get a membership or buy some clips :) :) :) :)

ALSO pay per clip will be available on here within the next two weeks….and more image sets coming sooooooooon. It’s just been pretty crazy lately, to say the least.


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  • luvagaggedgirl:

    JJ I’m happy about the new place! It looks like a wonderful find! Hope to see many clips of girls gagged in the basement

  • Charlie:

    Congratulations,dear friend;i wish you and Toni the best.
    Yours sinceresly,Charlie.

  • Wryter:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, interesting structure, very dark, forboding, can see a lot of females being ” bound in the basement ” for some good shoots. You first look at it and it has an air about it, a good solid structure which tells me that the ceiling beams in the basement will be good for suspension and a few other sweet tricks. Great site here….

  • DoesKnots on FL:

    So, what’s the intended purpose? Photography studio or BDSM club or both? Does Detroit have clubs or could you be the first one?

  • The primary use is a studio space, office space, then a private dungeon and basement bar for my friends. The beauty of southeast MI is the affordability of buildings and homes. I can OWN a building here cheaper than say renting a studio for two 8 hour days a month in LA or NY. I don’t intend on having a bdsm club there. Liability is a major issue when you are talking about sticking needles into people and letting them hang from the rafters. With the proper insurance to cover such a thing I’d be full of anxiety and entirely broke, besides I’m a bit too private to run such a club. Yes, there is a club in Detroit as well as a few groups that rent space and throw get togethers a few times a month.

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