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It’s been a while since Cherry Busom has stopped by for some bondage, but I decided to mummify her to the pole while she is wearing an all in one open bottomed girdle. She had never been mummified before. She is a cutie pie pin upand burlesque girl that is a huge ball of energy and bounces around and talks a ton….so it is especially fun to prevent her from moving or speaking much. When the clip starts she has been saran wrapped to the pole and there is a red harness gag on her. I add a bit more saran wrap and then start in with the thick black electrical tape. Then I decide to write I love JJ in white electrical tape as she wriggles at the pole, not being able to see well because of the saran wrap over her eyes. I swat her with an opera length glove and then remove the wrap from her eyes and remove the harness gag to put that glove in her mouth. It fills it up nicely. Then I wrap it her with more saran wrap as she hums., wrap thick black tape over that and then add more black tape letting her struggle. I’m not done. I have some bright red duct tape and I wrap her up from her ties to her head, then I add more tape to her face prettying up her gag and putting a little heart on her chest. I know her very well and I can tell she’s struggling with the gag so I cut her out on film. She’s super sweaty and her hands are numb. I hand her a towel and she dives down onto the floor and cuddles up.

run time almost 22 minutes

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