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run time over 18 minutes

Curvy redheads Cherry Busom and Riley Jane are struggling tied up and ballgagged on a sofa in a filthy basement when two women come up to them and add more rope, open their blouses, grope them and then remove their ballgags and shove panties in their mouths and wrap their heads tightly with white fabric. Their boobs are pulled out from their bras and their chests are pulled down to their knees. They are left like that for a bit before the women come back and take off the rope pulling their chests to their knees. They get to the ground and Riley gets a crotch rope and the two get electrical tape added to their gags and then they are hogtied. The two have a hard time rolling at all, they won’t be able to get out. They are stuck there on the absolutely filthy floor waiting for their friend to get their after he pays these two women off. When he gets there he is disgusted that he had to pay the two women on their behalf and he decides to leave them there.

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