Sorry for the small preview images… JJ

The young teacher has no idea that her boyfriend that is also a teacher is a big time drug dealer. He screwed over his dealer tho and she got pissed. She lured his girl into a cellar and tied her up. She was wearing a ballgag and tipped over, arms tied to a pole. JJ eventually told her why she was there and what her boyfriend was up to. After a bit she changes riley‘s position and gag, tying her to a pole and stuffing her mouth with a rag and wrapping vetwrap tightly around her head. Next JJ ties up riley‘s long thick hair and pulling it up high. riley writhes around on the pole trying to yell, but she just can’t free herself….Her boyfriend says he’s bringing the cash, but he hasn’t yet. JJ untethers the pretty little thing from the pole and has her get on the floor where she starts to hogtie her, ties her hair back and leaves her there to struggle. Eventually her boyfriend shows up to get her.

run time 18 minutes and

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