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run time over 25 minutes

new girl to the site! Armani Knight

JJ and Dixie are talking on the couch. Dixie asks JJ who she is shooting today. JJ answers that it is a new girl. Dixie thinks that sounds like fun, but JJ says no. She doesn’t like bondage she is only doing it for the money. When the girl arrives the girls are delighted at her outfit. A tight short skirt, stilettos and a tight sweater with a scarf. They decide that she doesn’t have to change and they just get right to business. JJ tests the petite little things elbows and is delighted at how flexible she is. JJ starts to tie up her ankles and when she is done the girl tells her that it is a little tight. Annoyed, JJ moves on and makes a chest harness and then puts a ballgag in her mouth. The girls are all being a bit cattie and competitive…JJ then ropes up her arms very tightly putting her elbows together and running lots of rope down her arms. She doesn’t seem to be liking it but she is coping with it. Dixie adds a rope to her calves as JJ keeps roping up her arms. They talk about her like she’s not there. They say she smells like roses and there is nothing to her. She must live on cocaine, diet coke and cigarettes. She tries to push the ballgag out so JJ tightens it up for her. They have her get on her knees and they pull her boobs out from her sweater. Then they pull up her skirt. She’s wearing a beautiful lace garter belt and white panties. JJ cuts the panties out and she gets really upset. As they come off Dixie tells JJ that they are very expensive panties…JJ doesn’t care. They shove the panties in the girls mouth and then they use her scarf to keep them in. Next she gets some nipple clamps and JJ grabs her and puts her on the floor. Then her clamps come off and JJ puts her in a hogtie. Her hands are purple, JJ mentions that purple is her favorite color. Dixie asks her if it is too tight and she says YES and JJ says, whatever and keeps tying her. She gets a white cleave over the gag but she keeps trying to spit them out so JJ takes that off and wraps microfoam tape around the panties and scarf. They leave her there to struggle for a while and then finally come back and ungag her. The new model asks what the fuck is wrong with the girls, and JJ responds by telling her she can probably get herself untied….


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run time over 12 minutes

Morina finds herself in a cold basement, ziptied to a pole, a ziptie through her mouth. She has a bag over her head. People appear and pull the bag from her head. The female seems happy that she is so tiny and attractive. They cut her off of the pole and take her someplace a bit warmer. The female ties up her ankles, leaving the ziptie on her wrists and in her mouth. She adds more rope to the womans upper body. She tells her that she is going to be sold off…Poor Morina can’t believe what is happening to her. Finally the woman cuts the ziptie off her face, but only to stuff her mouth with a sock and wrap duct tape over her head. She pulls open Morina’s blouse and plays with her a bit before hogtying her on the couch and leaving. When she comes back she removes Morina’s scarf and puts it over her head. She wants the buyers to be able to pull it off to get a look at her pretty face themselves.


Side note: In real life Alexa is a cousin of my cousin, we are not related by blood, but we are related by marriage. She is actually in her early 40s (wish I had her genes!) She wanted to work with me for a long time before I let it happen. I had a hard time with the idea of tying up a woman that used to babysit me 😉

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run time 25 minutes!!

JJ has Alexa tied with her hands over head in the basement. alexa has been a bitch to JJ from the get go. alexa shops 5th Ave, went to the best schools and knows all of the right people. JJ is from the wrong side of the tracks and shops at JC Penny. JJ is going to marry Alexa’s brother and alexa can’t stand it. JJ decides to tie her up and mess with her. She wants to make her promise not to give her brother a hard time about seeing her anymore. It turns out Alexa is a bit kinky herself…and by the end of the evening she is all hot and bothered. She gives into JJ’s taunting after a while. JJ blows smoke into Alexa’s face, pulls her evening gown down and caresses her tits. Eventually she is gagged with a JJ’s white scarf and then is hogtied on the cold basement floor. JJ decides to have another smoke, blowing it in Alexa’s face and eventually putting it out on the duct tape that is wrapped around Alexa’s face, concealing the opera length glove JJ removed and stuffed into her mouth (done on screen). She cuts the toes out of Alexa’s stockinged feet and smacks them. Finally  she is tied to the pole and then duct tape is wrapped tightly around her head to the pole so she can hardly move. JJ leaves here there, promising to return later…


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First let me apologize because the lighting is only the ambient lighting from the bar which is sad because when the friend I was saying at told me we could use the bar to shoot a bondage video I was really excited about it. This is the only clip we got to shoot there.

An angry waitress comes over to the last customer in the bar and grabs her drink and tells her she can’t stay because it is after 3am. JJ has been going to the bar on and off for years and this snotty little blond always treats her like dirt but flirts around and promptly waits on the male patrons. She’s moving out of town the following day and ready to get some revenge on the snotty blond girl. As the drink is wrestled from her hand, JJ grabs a soaking wet cloth and puts it over the girls mouth. Once she is on the ground JJ begins to tie up  her wrists and ankles and steal her tips which are stuffed into her stocking. As the girl wakes up she’s loud and irritating, JJ removes her panties and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with a scarf she pulls from the waitresses hair. She hogties her and then wraps electrical tape around the gag to make sure those panties don’t care anywhere. JJ decides to rob the cash register before returning to the girl and knocking her back out. She sits down to finish up her drink before leaving the girl to try to free herself or for the cleaning crew to find in the morning.

run time 14 minutes and 40 seconds


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Cassondra owes Steve a lot of money,  but she just doesn’t have it. She tells him that she has a hair client that is filthy rich with a safe full of money and jewelry. She convinces him to go to her house and tells him they can split the money and he will come out way ahead. They get to the house and are tying the homeowner up. They stuff her mouth full with a pair of big panties and wrap her head tightly with electrical tape. Steve leaves Cassondra in the basement with the homeowner while he goes to see how much stuff she has for the taking. When he gets back he decides he’s not sharing any of the jewelry or money with Cassondra. He grabs her and ties her up, wandering off to get something to shove in her mouth and then wrapping her head with a cleave. He puts her on the ground and hogties her next to the homeowner and takes off with the goods.

run time 11 minutes and 25 seconds


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Usually I post brand new videos here as scheduled updates but I am still away from home and I have a terrible internet connection, so I will post a new to the internet clip later this week when I get home. This one was posted on clips4sale earlier this year.  Lilly Bee is dressed beautifully in a cream pencil skirt and black blouse, scarf around her neck. I do all of the tying on screen as she balances in 5.5 inch high heels. After I have her arms all tied up I put a huge green ball in her mouth up. It fills the entire thing up. Then I use her scarf to keep it in there. She sits down and I tie up her legs and she struggles some sitting up for a while before I help her to her stomach and hogtie the beautiful woman.Then I add some thick microfoam tape to her gag as she mmmphs. I know from experience that that particular ball is NOT comfortable. She doesn’t complain and I attach a rope to the ceiling and begin to pull her up. We can see that she is concentrating on her breathing. I just kind of make things up as I go along and I take more ropes and wrap them around her chin holding her head up. She is pretty well bound and taking it like a champ. I met her years ago at Fetishcon. She is dominant, and I was afraid that topping her in video would not go well….but she is an absolute dream to work with and I was so thrilled that she switched with such ease!

run time 22 minutes


September 2011 Penthouse pet of the month Emily Addison!

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The link was added incorrectly & it went to another video, it should be fixed now

A pretty girl runs out of gas on her way to a wedding. She walks up to a door and asks the perfectly normal seeming woman that lives there for help. The woman offers to give her a ride to the wedding, but she has other ideas. She leads the girl through her house and to the garage. There is a dusty old car in there and the situation is starting to get creepy, so she decides she needs to get out of there, but before she can reach the door the wacky home owner chokes her out. When she comes to she’s been tied up and she’s hanging in a strappado position. The woman quickly gags her with a nice sized black ballgag and then she starts to remove her long dress. The girl stands there with her arms up behind her and her ankles crossed balancing in only her stilettos and black thigh high stockings. The homeowner adds nipple clamps as a decoration and tells her that shortly another woman will be joining her…a makeup sales lady that would not stop pestering her. She ties the girls nipple clamps down to her ankles and lets her beg to be let go of for a while before she decides to let her down from this position…only to hogtie her on the cold filthy concrete. The homeowner tells the pretty girl that she has a few guys coming by later that pay really great money for pretty girls like her…Then she humiliates her a bit takes her shoes off and decides to put them on herself before she finishes off the hogtie and tells the girl to struggle…After some time the woman removes her scarf and ties it around the girls head, blindfolding her so she can get some rest. She also attaches the hogtie rope to a rope overhead so the girl can’t get too far at all….

run time about 13 minutes

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Attorney Serene Isley has an important case she needs to attend the next morning, but JJ can’t let that happen… She gets into Ms Isley’s home and waits for her.  Serene is greeted with JJ’s arms wrapping around her neck and a damp rag placed over her nose and mouth. She soon and is dragged across the wood floor by her legs and propped up in a chair. She comes to with her elbows and ankles tied, and JJ quickly adds a lot more rope to the woman. She needs to silence Ms Isley and shoves the rag in her mouth and wraps an entire roll of vet wrap around her head to shut her up. Next she pulls open her satin blouse and grabs Serene‘s handbag removing some important documents from inside and slapping Serene in the face, over her head even in the boobs infuriating her. There is some time left before JJ’s accomplice is to show up, so she removes the lawyers gag to hear some of what she has to say, but nothing comes out of her mouth but a barrage of insults, so she is silenced again…. with the smelly rag, mouth stuffed and a scarf wrapped around her head. She comes to and struggles a bit more before Eric, the accomplice shows up. She is taken from the chair and carried over his shoulder, thru her home, out the back door and to the van waiting out back. Once inside the van pulls away with her in it. She is struggling furiously tho so JJ adds a nice tight hogtie to calm her down, and a couple layers of tape over her gag. After some time they arrive at their destination where Eric opens the back of the van and starts to pull her out…

run time about 18 minutes

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I start tying up Vicious Vamp and she introduces herself to the camera. It is about 1am at the Fetishcon event in Florida. I tie her wrists and then hobble her ankles. I plan on taking her for a walk down the hallway. Then I tie up her huge natural boobs with twine…I’m chatting away about how she could work for about how big they are. Then I tie them with some jute rope as I make more conversation with her and add a crotch rope, which I wish I would have done a little tighter looking back, tho I have her direct me as to where to put it, then I continue to tie her up and put a silver ballgag in her mouth. Then I put a big silver collar and leash on her and take her for a walk down the hallway of the Tampa Hyatt. I make her run telling her that we aren’t allowed to be in the hallway like that. So she’s trying to run in 5 inch pumps, hobbled ankles and breast bondage. We get back to the room and I have her get on the bed so I can put her in a hogtie to watch her struggle. Then I get back on the bed with her and slap the inside of her thighs and tug on her breasts and her crotch rope, kissing her gagged mouth, and spanking her a bit before taking the scarf off that was around my neck and putting it over her head and leaving her there to struggle.

run time over 27 minutes

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