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Let me just say that the part 2 of this video is not anything you will ever see again out of me… When I was in Cali last month I worked with Natali Demore she runs a lesbian/ femdom/bondage site and I decided to give it a try…. I have NEVER shot content like this. It was FUN and I have no regrets,  but, after trying it I just realized that I do not want the nature of the content I shoot to change. Actually I have not been able to watch it thru myself, I blush…I have never used a strapon on a female in  my entire life, in my personal life or on film until this video.  I left out the graphic preview images, but her video guy did a great job getting the good stuff. I ALMOST did not post it here because it does not fit in and I don’t want potential members to browse the site and think that I frequently shoot this type of content.  IF you are not interested in seeing the hitachi/ strapon parts please only download part 1.

Members right click here to download the FULL HD version – 45 minutes, includes the after interview

Members right click here to download part 1 JJ & then JJ & Natali in Bondage  -20 minutes

Members right click here to download part 2 (porn part) -22 minutes

Anyone right click here to download the post interview about the scene – 4 minutes and 20 seconds

JJ is a lesbian and her girlfriend is out. Someone has come in and tied her to a chair and left her there ballgagged. She’s making a lot of noise and her nosy neighbor Natali hears her and comes over. JJ thinks Natali is going to untie her, but Natali decides to take advantage of the situation groping JJ and stroking her body. She thinks this is some kind of silly game that her and her girlfriend are playing, but it isn’t. Suddenly they hear a noise and Natali gets tied up (off screen). JJs girlfriend came in and thought that Natali and JJ were playing together and she got pissed. Natali lays hogtied and ballgagged on the sofa while JJ struggle frantically to free herself. Once she gets free instead of untying the nosy bicurious neighbor pulls down her blouse and gropes her. END PART 1

JJ is livid…she doesn’t want to lose her girlfriend over her stupid next door neighbor. She tells the girl, if you want to play lesbian lets play lesbian. Natalie is horrified. JJ strokes her body, removes her heels, spanks her bottom. Cut to Natali tied with hands over head, one leg over the sofa and the other in a frogtie. She has been stripped to her matching bra and pantyset and JJ goes to get the hitachi and uses it on her, but Natali is being too loud, so  JJ removes her own panties and shoves them in Natali’s mouth and then tapes her face with duct tape and smothers her with her boobs. She gets out the hitachi and goes to work some more on the woman, getting hot and removing her sweater and throwing it over her face when she’s done. Cut to Natali retied kneeling on the sofa, hands tied in front and still gagged JJ has one more treat for Natali, banging her with a strapon….


Members right click here to download the FULL FILE–    High Definition run time, 3o minutes

Members right click here to download part 1- only not high def ,  run time 22 minutes

Members right click here to download part 2 –   starting with the panty gag not high def, run time almost 8 minutes

It is Morina’s birthday and her boyfriend has a surprise for her. She likes to be tied up, but he’s no good at it. They look at a website together and the boyfriend realizes that the woman that runs it lives pretty nearby. He gets in touch and offers her a job tying up his girlfriend. Morina is surprised when she appears at the door. JJ starts to tie her up and the boyfriend asks if he can record it so they can watch it later. JJ starts by putting a collar on her then tying her up at the ankles, knees and thighs. Then she gets a harness ballgag on and starts to drool all over herself immediately. JJ asks her to remove her jacket and then starts to tie up her wrists. This Morina is really flexible and says she owes it to pilates. The boyfriend focuses in on the drool as JJ ties her up. Next Morina gets her elbows tied. They go together nicely and JJ gets a little carried away adding more and more and then making a chest harness that cinches them to her petite little body. She pulls down her shirt and her white lace bra is matching her white lace garter belt. JJ thinks her nipples are asking for some attention and she puts nipple clamps on her. PART 2 begins here Then JJ removes the ballgag and gets a pair of panties to stuff into Morina’s mouth. JJ pulls out two pair, a huge pair of full back panties and a tiny pair of thongs. Morina asks for the small ones but she gets the big ones stuffed in her mouth…then she gets vetwrap wrapped very tightly around her pretty little head. Then Morina is told to get to her knees and JJ removes the nipple clamps before helping her to the ground so she can hogtie her. The beautiful birthday girl gets put into a snug hogtie! JJ packs up her stuff while the boyfriend puts a big necklace on her that was an additional gift! Morina struggles around in her tight bondage before he picks her up to carry her off to bed.


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Cassondra owes Steve a lot of money,  but she just doesn’t have it. She tells him that she has a hair client that is filthy rich with a safe full of money and jewelry. She convinces him to go to her house and tells him they can split the money and he will come out way ahead. They get to the house and are tying the homeowner up. They stuff her mouth full with a pair of big panties and wrap her head tightly with electrical tape. Steve leaves Cassondra in the basement with the homeowner while he goes to see how much stuff she has for the taking. When he gets back he decides he’s not sharing any of the jewelry or money with Cassondra. He grabs her and ties her up, wandering off to get something to shove in her mouth and then wrapping her head with a cleave. He puts her on the ground and hogties her next to the homeowner and takes off with the goods.

run time 11 minutes and 25 seconds


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The corrupt security guard hears someone trying to get in the door, she greets the visitor with her gun. The woman claims to work at the building during office hours but the guard isn’t listening. She cuffs her, leg irons her with a short chain, ballgags her and makes her take little steps across the room to the sofa where she adds another pair of cuffs around her elbows and then makes her scoot to the floor. She has the pretty blond put her head on the ground and she swats her ample ass a few times. The guard tells the woman to struggle and put on a show, frightened she does as she is told and then she gets another pair of cuffs around her boobs and then clothes pins. The guard wanders off to find some more supplies and the blond uses the carpet to slide her gag out and manages to get the clothes pins off. The guard finds this amusing, and simply replaces the gag with an enormous pair of panties and microfoam tape. She removes some of the shackles and has her get to her feet and she pulls her across the main room floor, down the stairs and across the basement on a leash where she gets tied to a pole.  She replaces her gag, having hers spit the big pair of panties out and then puts another pair of panties over her head and electrical tape thru her mouth and around the pole. Next she gets her boobss taped up and is forced to balance on one foot roped to the pole for the rest of the evening.

My first time working with this midwestern curvy cutie!!! Love HER, really wanted to keep her as a girdled pet 🙂 There is a quick interview at the end as well


I’ve known her for a while but this was the first opportunity I’ve had to work with this blue eyed raven haired beauty!

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JJ opens a door to a room that is under construction. Sybil dangles in a strappado with a bag over her head. JJ soon removes the bag and is pleased to see that the big red ballgag is still between her teeth. She leaves Sybil there for a bit while she goes to get some more rope and a new gag. She removes the big ballgag to give Sybils jaw a break and stuffs a big pair of teal satin panties in the girls mouth and wraps her head with a white cotton cleave. She lets the strappado rope down and unties the girls elbows and helps her to the filthy floor and puts her into a hogtie adding more rope around her upper body and discovering that the cleave gag has slipped, but Sybil has been a good girl and has not spit out the wad of panties, her thanks for that is tight microfoam tape wrapped around her head and her long thick hair pulled back and tied off to the hogtie rope. The pretty blue eyed girls doesn’t look happy when JJ says she will come back and untie her in the morning so she can start to clear out the demolished bathroom…

run time 13 minutes and 10 seconds


Members right click here to download this file FULL CLIP run time 16 minutes and 45 seconds

Members right click here to download part 1 run time just over 8 minutes

Members right click here to download part 2 run time 8 minutes and 25 seconds

Ashley struggles in some rope on the bed when JJ appears and gags her with a big red ball. She adds more ropes to the beautiful woman and then pulls out a hitachi and starts to use it on Ashley over her satin panties. Once the hitachi episode is over JJ cuts Ashley’s wet panties off and replaces the ballgag with them. Then a roll of vetwrap is wrapped around Ashley’s head. Next her boobs are cut out of her tan sweater, her black lace bra peeking out until JJ pulls that down as well. Ashley wriggles about on the bed for a while before JJ gets a long rope out and hogties her there, leaving her there struggling on the bed.


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Sweet Lilly B has a rich husband that is madly in love with her. She’s been taken and being held for ransom. She is subdued and carried into a cellar over the shoulder, set down and tied up. She starts to come to but is quickly put back to sleep. The woman ties her up and leaves to make a few calls, leaving here there with her male accomplice. He gets a little frisky cuts open her sweater, feeling up her boobs. He eventually ungags her, she spits out the big pair of panties that have been shoved in her mouth and he hopes he can get a quick blowjob from the pretty tied up lady before his partner comes back, but she catches him and the two of them argue. The woman is pissed off and knocks her captive back out. She can’t find anything else to shove in the womans mouth, aside from a bundle or rope- so she shoves that in her mouth and holds it in with electrical tape. Sweet Lilly wakes back up scared as hell and the partners in crime leave her there waiting to be rescued.

run time 16 minutes and 35 seconds


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Moxie Rhodes is a traveling burlesque performer and she is new to bondage other than decorative shibari. We have mutual friends and she decided to give bondage videos a go. I was delighted when she showed up, her elbows touch with ease and her mouth happily accepted the over 2 inch ballgag, plus she was outgoing and happy. We did one damsel clip before I decided to have some fun with her. I tie her up and ask her questions. We are very playful and silly…I get her into a strappado with one leg up, a crotch rope, the big ballgag and watch her reaction. Her arms aren’t burning so I have to keep going. I set her down in the chair and keep tying her up. Then put a HUGE pair of satin panties on her lap and ask to pick between vetwrap, electrical tape and microfoam tape to keep them in. She chooses the microfoam tape because she thinks it matches her best. Once I get those in I open her blouse and nipple clamp her. She kinda laughs about it. She doesn’t really think it is funny but she is similar to me, laughing when in pain. She just looks to pretty to me, like a supermodel all comfy sitting with her  legs crossed in the chair, so I have to fix that and I add electrical tape to the gag and across her face.
She still seems to be ok, so I decide to untie her feet first and then take her on a rope leash upstairs to a room a friends that are waiting for her. I unwrap the gag and she spits the panties out. I untie her arms and her girlfriend comes over and gives her a hug. She starts blabbering a bit 🙂 She had fun. It was fun…I wish she was around longer so I could just do a mean clip 😉

run time 34 minutes


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JJ finds herself sitting in a chair and being brutally duct taped by a man. Once he has her full figured body all taped up he shoves an enormous wad of panties in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with duct tape. She struggles in the chair before he helps her to the concrete floor where she struggles around for a while before he opens up her snug blouse revealing her lacey push up bra. He hikes up her skirt and her lacey panty girdle shines under her black pantyhose. He rolls her around and then puts a pair of big pace panties over her head abd ties them off in back. He lets her struggle like that before coming back with a black stocking and putting it over her head. She is having a hard time breathing and not struggling as hard anymore…She is stuck, until someone comes to her rescue…

run time over 15 minutes


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AJ is into BDSM & bondage in her private life. It is always fun to work with a bondage loving girl, and she is a good actress too!!

JJ is stuck tied up and ballgagged on a mattress in a cold basement. Her masked captor brings her friend in and shoves her onto the mattress and adds more rope to her body. He wants some information that they really can’t tell him, but he doesn’t believe it. He stuffs JJ’s mouths with panties and wraps her head tightly with duct tape. Then it is AJ’s turn…Once he has them effectively gagged her hogties them. AJ’s tie so tight for her that she can’t roll over. Once the man leaves JJ desperately tries to reach for the knots on AJ’s back, she can grab them, but can make little impact. The mattress is saggy and her hands have little feeling from being bound for so long…

run time 14 minutes and 20 seconds

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