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run time 20 minutes

Hannah Perez dangles in a strappado with a harness gag between her teeth. She struggles for a bit before JJ comes in and adds more rope to her predicament. After some time she is taken out of the strappado and placed on her knees. Her gag is tied off overhead so she can’t get up or move very far. She gets regagged with a pair of satin panties that are almost bigger than the petite little damsel. Her head is wrapped with electrical tape. She is helped up and told to hop around for JJ’s pleasure before returning to the floor where she is hogtied. The middle section of a dark pair of pantyhose are placed over the pretty girls face and more electrical tape added to keep those on. She is left to struggle with a pair of scissors left close to her body.

run time 11 minutes and 40 seconds
I’m brought into the room with my elbows and wrists tied by Jim Hunter and Eric and gagged with a huge pair of satin undies and tight microfoam wrap. I’m put into a strappado and secretly amused…I haven’t gotten tied up on film much lately and I am heavier than I was when I first started working with Jim but all that aside this isn’t a challenge and I was expecting more….Little did I know he had other things on his mind tho. He ties my thigh to my ankle. My 5.5 inch stilettos look hot, but they are a little big with no support at the ankle and I can’t keep my balance. I keep thinking that I’ll snap the heel off because I can’t wriggle my foot out or stand straight up. Snapping the heel off would have been a blessing. It was a predicament…couldn’t kneel, couldn’t stand up. The wrists had tightened up with all my body weight and I couldn’t even give them the finger. I made it to my knees and my stupid corset was digging into my lower back. I found some relief trying to stretch out on one knee…but that left all my weight on my arms. Eric and Jim just kinda stood there and laughed. It was a bit of a clusterfuck but it was fun. It lowered my IQ a few points for the next few hours ;) There is some footage of the gag coming out and my reaction.


This was a custom video for me to wear this coat, turtleneck sweater and high heels…I thought some of you might enjoy it so I’m posting it as a bonus update.

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run time 23 minutes

JJ wanders around a building with her wrists and elbows tied in a long red coat, 6 inch pumps and a nice sized ballgag. She can’t find a way out. After about 5 minutes or so her captor returns and tethers her feet together and leaves her there. She still tries to make an escape…but he finds her pretty quickly and makes her walk back across the room where he puts her into a strappado. He lets her struggle there for a while and then makes her sit in a little chair, where he adds more rope to her and secures her to the chair, still not giving her jaw any relief from that gag. A little while after that he turns the lights out on her…


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run time 5 minutes and 45 seconds

Ashley Renee is wearing a barely there black dress, black hosiery and 6 inch stilettos. She wriggles about in a strappado for a while before I come and gag her with a big black ballgag, suck on her big boobs and tighten up the ropes…


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104 images

Aside from Ashley being an amazing bondage model and beautiful person inside and out whenever I go out to LA and work with her she hires a photographer to take photos, a luxury I’ve never had aside from with her! Here are some of my favorite photos of her, taken by a friend of mine Assume the Position aka photodave that I suggested she hire. There will be a video update of this set eventually, but sadly there was a dog barking and it is really annoying and I need to figure out a way to get it out.


I’ve known her for a while but this was the first opportunity I’ve had to work with this blue eyed raven haired beauty!

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JJ opens a door to a room that is under construction. Sybil dangles in a strappado with a bag over her head. JJ soon removes the bag and is pleased to see that the big red ballgag is still between her teeth. She leaves Sybil there for a bit while she goes to get some more rope and a new gag. She removes the big ballgag to give Sybils jaw a break and stuffs a big pair of teal satin panties in the girls mouth and wraps her head with a white cotton cleave. She lets the strappado rope down and unties the girls elbows and helps her to the filthy floor and puts her into a hogtie adding more rope around her upper body and discovering that the cleave gag has slipped, but Sybil has been a good girl and has not spit out the wad of panties, her thanks for that is tight microfoam tape wrapped around her head and her long thick hair pulled back and tied off to the hogtie rope. The pretty blue eyed girls doesn’t look happy when JJ says she will come back and untie her in the morning so she can start to clear out the demolished bathroom…

run time 13 minutes and 10 seconds


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Moxie Rhodes is a traveling burlesque performer and she is new to bondage other than decorative shibari. We have mutual friends and she decided to give bondage videos a go. I was delighted when she showed up, her elbows touch with ease and her mouth happily accepted the over 2 inch ballgag, plus she was outgoing and happy. We did one damsel clip before I decided to have some fun with her. I tie her up and ask her questions. We are very playful and silly…I get her into a strappado with one leg up, a crotch rope, the big ballgag and watch her reaction. Her arms aren’t burning so I have to keep going. I set her down in the chair and keep tying her up. Then put a HUGE pair of satin panties on her lap and ask to pick between vetwrap, electrical tape and microfoam tape to keep them in. She chooses the microfoam tape because she thinks it matches her best. Once I get those in I open her blouse and nipple clamp her. She kinda laughs about it. She doesn’t really think it is funny but she is similar to me, laughing when in pain. She just looks to pretty to me, like a supermodel all comfy sitting with her  legs crossed in the chair, so I have to fix that and I add electrical tape to the gag and across her face.
She still seems to be ok, so I decide to untie her feet first and then take her on a rope leash upstairs to a room a friends that are waiting for her. I unwrap the gag and she spits the panties out. I untie her arms and her girlfriend comes over and gives her a hug. She starts blabbering a bit :) She had fun. It was fun…I wish she was around longer so I could just do a mean clip ;)

run time 34 minutes


total run time between the two clips is almost 12 minutes, some footage at the end of the gag coming out
I start tying her arms while she is kneeling on the ottoman. I raise them up behind her and put a big red ballgag between her teeth. I add more rope to her and force her into a kneeling strappado….after some time I remove the ballgag, help her to her knees and stuff her mouth with a rag and wrap her head. I then add some clothespins to her natural boobs and smack them around a bit….


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This clip is unlike any of my other clips….I give a tour of our new studio with my elbows and wrists tied wearing black over the knee 6 inch stiletto boots. I am NOT gagged at all. I wander around the building talking about it, reaching for light switches and climbing up and down steps. At the end tho my camera man thinks I need to be tied up MORE, so he adds more rope, pulling my arms back into a strappado and adding a tight crotch rope. It’s cold and gross down there and I can’t get any relief. He comes back down and tells me that we need to conserve energy and he turns of the lights on me…Ropes dumb me down a bit, so I loose my train of thought a few times while I am giving the tour, lol.

run time almost 16 minutes


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I decided it was time to ruin my black catsuit, since it seemed to be falling apart at the seams anyway. Eric tied me up nice and tightly in a chair, I struggled for a bit before he added a tight crotch rope, pulled my chest ropes across the room and tied them off, cut open the cat suit and after a while taped up my boobs with clear electrical tape. Next he pulled my head back. Before the clip started he had already applied a head harness and rope gag. I stay like this for a bit, before he let’s my head up. He keeps my arms tied up and leads me over to the pole where he puts me into a strappado. He takes the head harness off and regags me with a pair of black panties and clear electrical tape. Then he takes clear bondage tape and wraps it around the gag and around my head and over my eyes. Now I can’t see! He ropes up one leg and attaches it to the pole and then ropes up the other leg and hoists it up in the air. I struggle for a bit before he takes some photos. The end. I’m awfully whiney in this clip, but don’t let that fool you. I really enjoyed it!

run time over 25 minutes

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