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2nd update of the week

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run time 16 minutes

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partial clip coming soon

Amanda is babysitting. The kiddos are next door. A woman barges in, the exwife of the man she is sitting for. She has been told not to let the woman into his home. She tries to stop her but it doesn’t work. The sitter is grabbed by the arm and taken to the basement. She gets all taped up in her sweater dress, patterned tights and thigh high boots. The sitter tells the mom the kids are just playing next door- there is no reason to tape her up….but she wants to tape the pretty girl up. So much tape, some pretty purple panties gag her, more tape used as a cleave. The pretty sitter is left bound and standing and drooling through the gag. She eases on over to a chair. Moms comes back in, adds more tape and then has her get to the floor where she is hogtaped, still cleave gag but she wants to add more and does. Now the gag is pushing into her teeth which are leaving deep marks in her gums. Her little hands are taped up. That basement floor is absolutely freezing…She won’t be able to rip the tape. She won’t be able to get herself out. She has no other choice than to wait for the dad to come home and save her, but by then the exwife will be long gone with those kids…..

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