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More Holiday Goodness! This time with Penthouse cover girl Emily Addison.

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Let Ms Addison take the stress out of your holiday madness…

run time about 15 minutes



September 2011 Penthouse pet of the month Emily Addison!

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The link was added incorrectly & it went to another video, it should be fixed now

A pretty girl runs out of gas on her way to a wedding. She walks up to a door and asks the perfectly normal seeming woman that lives there for help. The woman offers to give her a ride to the wedding, but she has other ideas. She leads the girl through her house and to the garage. There is a dusty old car in there and the situation is starting to get creepy, so she decides she needs to get out of there, but before she can reach the door the wacky home owner chokes her out. When she comes to she’s been tied up and she’s hanging in a strappado position. The woman quickly gags her with a nice sized black ballgag and then she starts to remove her long dress. The girl stands there with her arms up behind her and her ankles crossed balancing in only her stilettos and black thigh high stockings. The homeowner adds nipple clamps as a decoration and tells her that shortly another woman will be joining her…a makeup sales lady that would not stop pestering her. She ties the girls nipple clamps down to her ankles and lets her beg to be let go of for a while before she decides to let her down from this position…only to hogtie her on the cold filthy concrete. The homeowner tells the pretty girl that she has a few guys coming by later that pay really great money for pretty girls like her…Then she humiliates her a bit takes her shoes off and decides to put them on herself before she finishes off the hogtie and tells the girl to struggle…After some time the woman removes her scarf and ties it around the girls head, blindfolding her so she can get some rest. She also attaches the hogtie rope to a rope overhead so the girl can’t get too far at all….

run time about 13 minutes

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This was my first time working with this lovely little thing!

Emily brings me a posey straitjacket and asks me to put it on her. It’s the first time I’ve ever put a woman in a straitjacket tho I’ve been in them numerous times ;) . Once Emily is nice and secure she turns around for the camera and I smack her perfect little bottom, clad in sheer to waist nude pantyhose before helping her to the floor so she can struggle breathlessly. She moans in delight on the wood floor. After about 4 minutes I decide I need to shut her up. I stuff a rag in her mouth and wrap electrical tape around her pretty little head. I ask her to yell for me and she can’t make too much noise so I let her struggle around for a bit more before adding electrical tape to her legs and frogtaping her on camera, after kissing her gagged mouth. Then I tighten the coat up some more. She struggles helplessly on the floor, looking oh so sexy! Aside from her obvious good looks I see why this girl is so famous, she is about as sexy as they come all bound up! I do my best to get all of the good angles as she writhes around the floor too ;) . Emily eventually scoots herself over to the bed post and I wrap a stocking around her neck to keep her there…but that isn’t enough for me…I think I need to wrap a lot more tape around her gag and the bed…She is pretty miserable and her pretty little face is distorted. I’m much happier, not because she is miserable but this is the kind of immobilizing thing that I like. She doesn’t last too long like that, but I cut her away from the bed on film…
Clip time about 14 minutes
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