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run time over 18 minutes

very little onscreen tying, lots of struggling

Busty beauty Dawn Isabella struggles ballgagged and hogtied with her elbows bound in a sweater dress and leopard boots until her captor comes in and pulls the dress down to show her pretty coral bra. She watches her struggle and photographs her for her memory book. Finally it is time to let her up, only she isn’t going to be freed….she is going to be tied to the chair, with her elbows still bound. Her pleas are a little too loud so she gets her mouth stuffed and a cleave gag, later more over the cleave, she still isn’t quiet enough so loads of black tape goes on…much better. Dawn now struggles more quietly with her big beautiful tits exposed. Finally a man comes in and removes all of those layers of gags. What does he plan to do next???

Meet Dawn Isabella, her very first time in bondage ever!!

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run time over 24 minutes

Meet Dawn Isabella, on one of the rare occasions I checked my email (lol) I clicked on a message from her agent. She was busty with a huge grin in skimpy swimwear and it said she did bondage. When I wrote back and asked them to take a look at the site and make sure mouth stuffing gags were OK I was told it was a go. So this super professional good natured girl shows up and tells me that she has never ever done bondage. Oh boy, I was worried….but I liked her attitude and here begins her first time ever in bondage! She took to it beautifully… I did one damsel clip after this and I also held the camera for another local producer, I’ll look up his store later so you can find her there too. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. I asked her questions during and after but of course gave her struggling time…. Enjoy those strong legs in those fully fashioned stockings, I did!!!!

Also she is only a few hours away and would be happy to return for customs

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