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1st update in a while, 3 scenes in one to make up for the lack of updates, more coming soon-




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full clip, 49 minutes

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mummification only

Adara went looking for her friend Simone who had been missing for a while. She wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. The woman returned to the door with a cloth and knocks Adara out. She did not return with information about the missing Simone. She comes to in a modified shopping cart. She is poked at and hit with a crop an her wrists have been tied. She is given a hitachi and told to get herself off in confinement. She is removed and put into an armbinder and led around. Her pvc harness is unbuttoned at her pussy and she is attached to a post on a leash and a dick on a stick is used on her and more of the hitachi. There is a lot of groping and forced kissing and hair pulling. Panties are crammed into her mouth and her head is wrapped. She is attached to a post with loads of saran wrap and black leather straps, a black stocking over her head and a bit gag over the panties and wrap…. Will she go missing forever like her dear friend Simone??

2 old clips as one update

BUT I just loaded this from a starbucks. I’m staying with Eric Cain in the country in Florida and he doesn’t have WIFI. I won’t be at a hotel with wifi again until Sunday night…more updates then

The other model is Kat, it was her first time shooting and we shot one other clip that day.

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run time 8 minutes

Two roommates are sitting on the couch. One says she sold a guy a piece of crap mini van months ago and it died out and he wants his money back. She explains that she was sorry and was very nice but refused to refund his purchase. Buyer beware. She told the roommate she felt like he was following her around all day…. Scene cuts to that woman tied up and harness gag by that very creep (Eric Cain). The roommate appears and he grabs her and ties her up too….

 3rd update of the week


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run time 25 minutes full clip


Hannah and I are playing bondage games. She is strapped to the post in lingerie and a leather gag when the scene starts. She is enjoying herself. After some time I come over and nipple clamp her. She gets a ballgag and leather blindfold plus a beautifully fitted arm binder. She hops over to the sofa and sits down. I change her gag to panties and tape a stocking cap. I watch her struggle on the sofa before hogtying her. She gets the black leather hood over a stocking cap but the panties are removed. She struggles in the hogtie. She looks great but she is having a hard time not panicking because it is really hot in that hood with the stocking on her head and the heat of the studio but she did it! This is one sexy girl!

The leather gag, the leather straps and the leather blindfold come from the good people at hottbonds

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