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(run time 26:16)

JJ is minding her business when two people she owes a lot of money to show up at her door demanding the money she owes them only she doesn’t have it or the stuff she was supposed to sell to get that money. They decide to rough her up. They even gag her with the womans panties and hogtie her on the floor. The man is angry with his female helper, Dakkota and turns on her because it was her idea to give JJ such a large amount of stuff to sell. He attaches her to the post stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with duct tape and then white tape. Once he takes off with just a small amount of product and money JJ manages to get the hogtie rope off, stands up and starts to come to the aid of the woman that had first shown up to do her harm….¬† They both work hard to free themselves, too bad they can’t call the authorities on that guy.

We didn’t go into this indending to escape, but I’m not a big fan of staying in fake bondage when escapes might be possible ūüėČ

1st update of  the week

*posted last month to Milf Gigis Bondage fantasies on clips4sale and still available there

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full clip, run time 18 minutes

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shorter version

I (Gigi) had it made with my new sugar daddy (Jim Hunter).¬† He’s been buying my gifts galore and handing me money every time he comes over.¬† I invite my niece¬† JJ Plush over to lure him into thinking he is getting a threesome and his money will be flowing like water.¬† I hit him up for money as soon as he walks in the door and JJ gets right into it telling the poor rich old bald man that she’s having trouble paying her bills.¬† He hands us a package and we are super excited as we open it thinking it will be more jewels, but the box is filled with rope and suddenly he pulls a weapon on us demanding that JJ tie me up.¬† She starts be binding my wrists to together behind my back then he forces her to remove my panties and gag me with them.¬†¬† JJ stuffs them into my mouth then wraps my head with elastic bandage and then red electrical tape.¬† The gag is brutally tight and it hurts and I kick at him.¬† Next he demands that she bind my ankles.¬† I think that’s the worst of it but he hands¬† JJ a bandana and has her gag herself with it.¬† She forces the big cloth into her mouth and then seals it in by wrapping her face with many layers.¬† It doesn’t satisfy the bastard and he makes her add electrical tape to her gag.¬† Poor¬† JJ is forced to tie up her own ankles as I grunt and moan into my gag.¬† I think his tyranny is over, but he lifts me up and makes JJ bind my elbows so tight that they touch.¬† He grabs¬† JJ and does the same to her.¬† He puts us on the floor next to each other and renders me totally helpless in a painful hogtie.¬† JJ kicks at him with her bound legs and her shoes fall off.¬† Soon she’s on her belly being put in a painful hogtie and the bastard finishes her off by binding her big toes together and tying them off to her bound elbows.¬† We lay sobbing into our gags struggling to get free but our efforts are futile.

2nd update of the week

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full clip, run time over 18 minutes

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partial clip, run time over 8 minutes

JJ’s boyfriend wants her back but tying her and her friend Pepper Sterling up against their wills isn’t going to win her back. He stuffs the mouth of his x and brutally wraps her head distorting her eyes and making the vein on her forehead pop. She is miserable and concentrating on breathing. Her friend comes and he grabs her and ties her up, delighted to be able to play with her massive natural boobs finally. He stuffs her mouth and wraps her head too. Their elbows are bound and they are hogtied before tape goes over their gags. He finally leaves them mmmphing on the floor, but the ropes are too tight, they can’t get each other untied.

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