This was a filthy custom for Red Diamond

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run time over 38 minutes

Red Diamond thinks she is clever, an investigative reporter that got greedy and went looking for some jewels that she knew this biker chick had stolen. Biker chick has a fancy phone ap that shows Red snooping around her place so she goes to get Red who is quickly subdued… A fun game with tape and an enormous ballgag ensues. Then she is forced to suck on a dildo and then her pantyhose are taken off and she is banged over the chair before being taped to a post with all of her full bush on display 80s style. Then she gets hogtied after being forced to put her pantyhose back on. Her nipple clamps are pulled up in a cruel way and she seems very defeated, though she gets subdued again. Now we wait for JJs biker friends to show up to have a good time with her.

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