Hello everyone,

I haven’t been in my emails for ages, despite a few announcements on instragram that I would be. I am reading them now and trying to respond. I can not believe how many people think they said something to upset me. No one said anything to upset me. I truly have not been in my messages. I am not like others that are in them more than they are their own lives. I apologize for operating differently, but it is nothing personal ….

Anyway I do believe that life has calmed back down and I’ll be in them a couple times a day again. I am responding to things now, but feel free to resend things.

To those of you that sent kind words and then when I didn’t respond fast enough rescinded because I didn’t respond fast enough with some not so kind words I truly hope you can find some happiness in your lives without feeling the need to destroy others that have done you absolutely no harm!!

Anyway I’m shooting solo things with my ex from gotcuffs tomorrow

I’m shooting  more solo Friday and can take customs

Dakkota this Friday at 4pm

I’m shooting Rachel Adams Oct 11

there will be others of course, I just have not scheduled anything…

I was going to Florida Oct 16-24 but that has been pushed back until Nov 8 because I dropped the ball and didn’t schedule models and sessions and time got away from me. It will also be better to go as it is getting colder here in Detroit 😉 I am shooting with milf Gigi the 9th of November and that is all I have scheduled but I plan to stay busy so to those of you that wrote about sessions or customs for that trip I’ll be back in touch soon, just want to get through stuff for this week and next first.





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