This was a custom video. Tony will be back next week if anyone wants a custom like this or with him in it

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run time 31 minutes

A woman is in the cell in a huge uniform for a bit. A guard enters and searches her inappropriately. He cuffs her behind the back and puts leg irons on her. She is a teacher and in jail for a DUI. The guard keeps insisting she is in for having sex with her students which is totally untrue.
She is brought to the common area and told to put on a different two piece uniform, socks and sandals. She is then cuffed with the black box, belly chain, leg irons with connector chain and a spit mask is applied. She is taken to the prison van and driven away. Once at the new place she has to pace around and is searched yet again. Then she has to change into yet another uniform and moved to a restraint chair where she is grilled about why she is in jail. The guard won’t stop insisting that she was into her students… Then she is cuffed and put into a cell and left
there.  There are plenty of close up shots in this, I guess I just didn’t do a great job choosing preview photos.

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