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run time 20 minutes and 25 seconds

 A woman dressed in a tacky satin gold blouse and coordinating heels with Wolford pantyhose is minding her own business when someone enters and over powers her (Eric Cain aka evil). When she realizes what has happened she sees another man, Oscar, one she recently slept with and robbed while he was sleeping. He brought a buddy skilled at overpowering women with him to get a little revenge. The two grope at her and get her to her feet. She tries to get away but she is no match for the two of them. A ballgag gets strapped in frighteningly tightly. Her skirt is lifted and a crotch rope is applied to her trimmed bush lady area. Once they have her all tied up they get her to the ground and look around while she struggles to get her phone off of the tall night stand. She just can’t do it…They come in and decide to hogtie her like the pig bitch she is. Once hogtied a pair of panties and some sort of fabric is stuffed into her mouth and it is wrapped over and over with microfoam. Black tape goes over that, she almost panics as her top lip is wrapped up in her gums. Once she is hogtied she tries to get free but she can’t. They eventually leave but not before the pal of the man she robbed comes back in for one last special goodbye.

(There are many many shots of my privates throughout this clip, I just didn’t feel like posting many preview images. I didn’t know a crotch rope was going to happen).

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