I’m in Detroit without a lot of models that can do what I expect them to do for the site currently which stinks because I’m not so great at looking people up and getting in touch with them. If you are aware of women that travel and can do what I need them to do please let me know via email and maybe I can talk to other producers in the area and we can get some gems out here.

Also my buddy Eric Cain is in town and I can use him for custom clips. He will tone it down for customs….My taste in bondage hasn’t changed since he first introduced me to it but his taste has ummm evolved a lot shall we say. lol.

My ex Tony Gotcufffs will be back in the near future and I can also use him. I’ll put the date here when I know it.

Freshie Juice who is looking lovelier than ever will be here at the beginning of September if you’d like a custom with her.

Also I’m getting ballsy and going to Florida October 16-24. I’ll take a covid test first thing upon arrival and then I’ll be shooting and sessioning. I’m feeling more myself then I have in soooo many years which perhaps sounds wild considering the state of the world. It’s just that I finally feel like all of the evil is out of my life or at least unable to do anymore damage and Ive got my autoimmune issues under control and my traumas have been addressed as best as I could,  thanks to IV Ketamine treatments.

This is not the life I expected to live, but I’m currently grateful to feel better in my 40s than my 30s and even 20s despite being robbed blind, broke and heartbroken in so many ways….

In Florida I’ll be seeing my good pals Gigi and Fayth on Fire, for sure. They are available for customs and although I haven’t discussed anything with Gigi’s husband, Jim Hunter ,he is available to tie me up as well. I’ll also be asking a few others to shoot, or maybe you have suggestions?? Florida is full of fetish ladies.

Also Oscar on the men in bondage page here is willing to try more strict things out should anyone want to see a handsome distinguished man without any experience tied up etc… The reactions will be genuine, for suuure.

Happy weekend.

Be good to yourselves and others-

Once again I have not logged into twitter in many years, though I send my protected instagram posts there. On instagram I’m plush1.

Email is a good way to reach me, though I’m often slow and scattered, feel free to resend things, please, you are not bothering me. You are actually helping me.



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