I have really dropped the ball and not been in my emails in ages. I know there are plenty of people wondering about custom quotes and sessions etc. I am not ignoring your specific messages and my email IS working. I have just not been in the messages. Tomorrow I’ll be back to it. I know this infuriates many of you but it is either take some time going silent from time to time or to stop this career entirely which is not what I want to do.

I had planned on starting to session again at my studio late June but it got up into the 90s with terrible humidity and I am oh so sensitive to the heat with the Hashimotos. There is not air conditioning at the studio aside from in a tiny side changing room. Times like these I wish I was into nudity, lol. The central air finally died for good at my home on my birthday. It was very old and it wasn’t a surprise. It is dead, dead. I was hoping to get one  more summer out of it for financial reasons but I did not luck out there. So I’ve been wildly uncomfortable to put it mildly. In good things I have been without a real kitchen for over 3 years, just a counter set on top of a sink, no disposal, the counter was crooked, no dishwasher, nothing but now I have real counter tops! They were installed yesterday. Those install guys were drenched even though it wasn’t a super hot day but they powered through it. It looks fabulous and I am so grateful for something most middle class Americans just think are built into their way of life, lol.  Monday the sink and disposal and even dishwasher will be hooked up! My nightmare house is almost a home and it could not be a better time since it is so weird out in the world!!

Tuesday I am shooting two new local girls and my ex will be back to help me film. He will be helping me with the customs many of you are waiting to hear from me about, well those of you that decide to proceed. If you are concerned your message is buried, feel free to resend. Please be kind or you will be ignored. It is just that simple.

Stay safe and be good to yourselves and to others.

Yours in bondage,

JJ,    plush1 on instagram. The only social media I login to. Tweets are sent from there. I haven’t logged into twitter in MANY years.


Oh and check back tomorrow if you are bored.  I’ll be posting a nice long Rachel Adams clip.





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