Hello everyone,

I’ll be shooting with my ex Tony from Gotcuffs 3x over the next few days. The last day being Monday. If you would like a custom with us now would be a great time. Vida Bristol is available to run camera and or join in customs.

June 13, one day after the quarantine ends here in Detroit I’ll be shooting with Rachel Adams and I know there were a few of you that wanted clips of her so please let me know.

I’m still offering the $20 Amazon.com one month membership deal during Covid. It must be from the USA/ .com site. Please include your email, username and password with the email giftcard.

If you have been considering joining but been on the fence about it now is a good time. My birthday is June 2 and after 3 years of having no kitchen I am getting a one and ummm it is scary expensive considering where I am at in life but it is going to change my life because I cook daily because of my food allergies/ Hashimotos.

If you buy clips from me on clips4sale.com please use the links at the top of my most recent clips. If you do I get 100%  of the sales instead of 60% and boy that sure adds up quickly!

Please stay safe, sane, healthy and as happy as possible.

Much appreciation to the good folks out there…

I’ll be mailing hosiery, socks and heels after the 12th. I haven’t since the virus madness started.


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