Hello to my fellow humans,

I hope everyone is of sound mind and body during these absolutely wild times we are living in.

I will be posting two updates Saturday evening and I am actually shooting with my exhusband Tony/ Gotcuffs Sunday with Vida Bristol from this site. We have basically all been together since we were told not to mingle so….

If you’d like a custom video with myself and Tony or myself and Vida or Vida and me… you get the idea, the third person will be around to film. We are all physically well, thankfully. I didn’t spend the last three years of my life building my immune system up just to be destroyed by this so I am taking it very seriously and I haven’t been out out. I haven’t seen the empty shelves in real life, it is almost like it isn’t real only it is….

You can send custom inquiries to jj at borntobebound dot com. Please don’t ask how much for a custom or how much for a ten minute custom in your email. I do not quote per minute, I need your story idea, clothing idea, what bondage you’d like to see and then I can quote it. I’m pretty affordable these days I’ve been told. I can also probably do skype sessions which is something I have offered very little of over the years.

Also for those of you bored at home for the next week I will be offering 31 days memberships for a $20 amazon.com giftcard sent to jj at borntobebound dot com beginning NOW. This is not an instant gratification thing though, this is a send it and wait for an email back about your account being active, same day but most likely not immediate. Please include your preferred username, password and email address with the gift card. Also this must be from the USA/ .com version of amazon or I won’t be able to use the card.

That is the best I can do right now.

Hang in there everyone. We can do it.

Much appreciation,



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