Hello everyone,

Sorry for the slow updates but at least I have been shooting. My ex/ gotcuffs was in town for two weeks and we went hard at working to list a property hours and hours a day. It was gut wrenching sad hard labor on properties that are in terrible states of disrepair that I’ve been left with, only to be thanked with almost two feet of dirty water flooding out the bank basement the day he was supposed to leave for his place 5 hours away. I think I’m holding it together fairly well. I am pretty used to bad luck by now. I must have been one hell of a shitty person in a previous life, lol. So my studio has drained, it took 24 hours but a nice black sludge was left behind. For whatever reason it was dirtier this time than ever. My home also flooded, first time since at least the late 80s because I pulled out heavy duty carpet and padding from then that hadn’t been flooded ever. The good news is at home it was only an inch and not filthy and nothing other than rugs got destroyed, so it could have been much worse I suppose.  Below is the water at the highest and the mess it left behind. I have no clue why they post sideways. It looks normal when I try to post it, but you get the idea…

I will get caught up on updates Monday onward when I finally have some down time. I also see lots of emails that I haven’t gotten to and many of them say customs and sessions and I’m super thankful for that especially right now. Adara as my collared cutie pie slave is always willing to make customs with me for what I consider to be a good deal. Things are not easy but my brain and body are working well enough to tackle them, unlike in years past sooo I’m thankful for that.

Boundcon in Munich is also fast approaching so get your tickets and come and give me hug. I welcome hugs for free and I’ll happily tie you up and gag you, for a price 😉

Thanks to you honest folks that join the site, buy the clips, order the customs and send the gifties. These clips don’t come to life for free. Shame on all of you that spend time stealing it and spreading it around for free…I don’t give your work out for free, may all of your spouses get addicted to drugs and bankrupt you and may all of your basements flood out above your knees. Nevermind, I doubt you guys posting my content for free have spouses. lol

Happy weekend!



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