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run time 17 minutes

Adara is beyond angry that her sexy big tittie’d coworker managed to take her promotion! Adara has been there for years and this bitch has only been working there for a few months and she gets the promotion?!?! She must be banging the boss! Adara will see to it that this slut doesn’t show back up to the office… That was her promotion and she is gonna get it one way or another, and since Dee has fucked her out of her promotion, Adara was gonna fuck her in a different way…..  Adara brings Dee in with her hands already bound behind her. She drags her into the room and she lets her know exactly how displeased she is with the whole promotion situation. She tells Dee she knows that she is fucking the boss and that her being the office slut comes at a cost. Adara’s hard work to be all for nothing when she stole her promotion! She wants to act like a whore, Adara will treat her like one.  Adara’s friend JJ Plush enters helping Adara tie her already gagged, coworker.  They frog tie her and Adara fucks her like the little office whore she is while JJ records it as a little incentive video for Dee to never show up at the office again… After some more fucking and humiliation they pantygag her, wrapping layers of tape around her pretty face to secure it. They leave her there to think about her actions as they go type up her resignation letter. She struggles trying to escape the ropes to get out of this crazy ladies house.

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