Only tying shown on screen is the hogtie rope

this was a custom, interested?  jj at borntobebound

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run time 15 minutes and 30 seconds

Adara Jordin is a maid. She is supposed to wear 5″ heels and a french maids outfit with seamed pantyhose. She hates her job and her boss and she is playing on the phone when the woman comes home. She can’t take what the bitch has to say she attacks her, ropes waiting nearby…. Once she is hogtied (Only the hogtie rope shown on screen) she picks up a pair of dirty panties from under the sofa and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with clear tape. She vacuums near the womans head and dusts her with a feather duster just to be more of a bitch and then she leaves. After some hard struggling around the homeowner gets that hogtie rope off, makes it up to the couch and hops out of the scene. How will she get revenge on that ungrateful little bitch????

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