Today I got the clip of Adara up, the clip of myself up and corrected the Riley link problem.

I’m so sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long but things are getting a little easier in my world and I’ll be able to be way more on top of things here.

I’m in good physical health and I’m not throwing in the towel on bondage, plus I have shot more new girls in the past few months than I have in the past few years. I just need to get the content up for you all.  In fact I just lessened my load, justfigures is closed down for the time being and the inventory is being shipped to Florida right now to be taken over by a gang of people down there. It was a difficult decision but the best for my future considering what is going on. I’ll post the details when its back up and running of course.

Many thanks to those of you that have stuck with me not getting to the 3 updates per week on time. You are helping me in very big ways, like preventing me from being homeless for instance. lol.

I am shooting Adara Jordin this Thursday the 7th at my bank building and she is looking great! My ex Tony will be here that day to hold the camera and or help with rigging if needed, we’d love to make a custom for you!

Please write me at jj at

If you are in Detroit, I’ll be at the Detroit Dirty Show Friday night February 15th please say hi!

AND I’ll be in Vegas for sure over the weekend of April 18-22 during the Viva Las Vegas pin up and Rockabilly convention and some days before or after….I’ll be looking to shoot and to session there.

Also I’ll be a guest at my favorite event on earth Boundcon in Munich Germany in May!!

That is it in a nutshell for now…

Much love in bondage,


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