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run time 23 minutes

Dominica is in business with her sister JJ Plush but really dislikes her. She and a buddy come up with a plan. The buddy ties Dominica up in her under things. He ties her wrists just to mess with her even though that isn’t part of the plan. He stuffs her mouth with some leopard print panties and clear tape to really make it look like she was tied up and robbed. He watches the hottie writhe around on the floor before he unties her wrists and tells her to sit with her hands behind her back. He hands her a special rag to use on her sister who will soon be arriving to come to the rescue. JJ does arrive and quickly gets to her knees and starts untying her sister who returns the favor with a damp cloth to her face. She fades out struggling to get away. Soon it is time to get her tied up and the duo go to work on her. They get her tied up and pull her skirt off revealing her long leg girdle and fully fashioned stockings and Dominica confesses her disdain for her and that she plans to run off with her fancy purse and mercedes. Her mouth is stuffed and wrapped. They eventually get her hogtied and since JJ was trying to kick Dominica she grabs a high heel and whacks her a bunch in return. On the way out the pervy buddy decides to use the rag on Dominica just for funsies. He waits for her to come back and then they leave together.

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