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run time 21 minutes

Gigis storyline: Beautiful voluptuous JJ Plush is on the phone bragging about her discovery of some people engaging in illegal insider trading.  The snoopy woman plans to make a name for herself by being the first to expose the scandal.  She’s been hiding out in a hotel for several day and is lonely so she calls me to come keep her company.  We hug when I enter then I pin up against the wall hands over head and start kissing her.  Suddenly I hang gag her and tell her she knows too much.  I force her down into a chair and begin taping her body.  The next thing she knows she’s tightly bound with duct tape and zip ties and she can’t get out of the chair.  JJ begs and pleads with me to let her go saying she won’t reveal the insider trading I’m engaged in but I don’t believe a word she says – I just want her out of the way, but before I get rid of her I decide to play with her big beautiful tits.  I unbutton her blouse and pull out her titties groping and fondling them then I shove a ballgag into her mouth hoping to silence her.  The drool runs immediately but JJ can still make noise so I wrap her pretty face with many layers of duct tape.  I tell her I will return later to finish her off and I leave the busty brunette MILF struggling in her bondage.  JJ is frustrated and frightened when she sees me return and she begs through her gag.  I tell her my partner is coming and she will soon be locked in the bathroom hogtied in the tub while the water fills the tub.  I walk off leaving her completely helpless and in a panic.  She manages to kick off her high heels then wiggles and squirms slowly maneuvering the chair inch by inch all the way to the door …

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