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run time over 35 minutes

Raven is looking glamorous and fetishy in a restraint chair struggling ballgagged before I come in and put nipple clamps on her absolutely perfect boobs. She has really gotten the hang of not being a damsel and she puts on a seductive struggling show for us. She then is let up from the chair and poses for us in her bondage before I attach her to the post. I leave her strong legs out because they just look too pretty to interrupt with bondage to me for some reason. She writhes around in her fully fashioned stockings and my favorite pair of Louboutins. I take out the ballgag and shove panties in her mouth and seal it with sparkly black vetwrap which I add more to later. Straps are added to her legs and she is crotch roped and struggles for us. When it is time to get her onto the bed our pal Eric Cain has just shown up and he messes with her for a bit before putting her on the bed. Then she is put into a balltie with straps, her arms are now restrained behind her back.

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