3rd update of last week

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run time 19 minutes

Constance is at her desk and hears a loud noise, she gets up to investigate it and POOF, she finds herself in bondage on the office sofa. When she realizes what is happening she gets up in her tall leopard heels and tries to hop/ shimmy behind her desk to the phone but she is met by the woman that tied her up and walked back to the couch by her hair. Her gag is removed, panties spit out only to be put right back in. Her head is sealed with tape. More ropes go over her pretty lavender blouse and fully fashioned stockings. She is tied to the couch and left for a bit before being put into a snug hogtie with white cotton added to her gag, her toes tied over her silky stockings and finally the silk sash she was wearing around her waist is added as a blindfold.

find her girdle and stockings at just figures

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