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This was a custom video for Gigi and I

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run time 28 minutes

When JJ married Tony she agreed not to participate in bondage anymore as a top or a bottom. He left town for work and she had to revisit her past and did some domme sessions and even bottoming sessions. She was excited to put the money towards things for her husband. He found out and was very angry, a crazy therapist told him he would have to make her experience bondage that she absolutely hated to make her start to associate bad feelings with it. They decide she should be tied up for three days alone in the basement. Her friend Gigi comes by and Tony explains the situation to Gigi, she demands to see her friend. She is tied up and brought down there and left alone with JJ for a while who pleads with her to convince Tony to let her out- its only been a day and she is very weak. Tony comes to remove Gigi and leaves JJ tied. He agrees to let Gigi stay over since she has come from so far away but he doesn’t tie her….She sneaks down to the basement with a key to the cell and tries to untie her old friend only he captures her and drags her out. The scene cuts to Gigi re-tied and yelling for help so he ballgags her to shut her up and eventually wraps tape around her head. He gets JJ out of the hogtie and moves her to a chair, leaving her arm ropes and leg ropes on. She is barely conscious as a tightly hogtied Gigi begs for help through the gag….

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