journal update

I had Gigi and Jim here and I wasn’t online much. The good news is that I did get clips with both Gigi and Jim and he even tied me up. It had been a while. I  had to fire my contractor while they were here. I was at my wits end so sadly I’m still showering with a pool shower hooked up to a laundry tub in the basement even tho I hired the guy Sept 27 AND the man I fired fell through the rafters and now my foyer has a big hole in the ceiling, sadly it was one of the only finished spaces in the house. I just can’t seem to win with these contractors and my patience and funds are all dried up.

Today, Monday I’ll get your third update of last week and hopefully one for this week up.  Adara is now here and we will be shooting some customs she has lined up and Tuesday I’ll be shooting a quick click of Dominica because that is all she has time for and then Anna so it is going to be a very long few days. Plus I feel like my entire future is up in the air right now and things are incredibly tense…I’m really grasping at straws here guys and happy to be a woman where we are allowed to be so honest about our feelings.

I have not been in my emails in a few days and even then I was only opening ones I knew were easy to answer I am going to try to get to a few before I fall asleep.

I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend and happy Monday.

Peace, love and bondage always-


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