3rd update of last week

this was a custom for Dominica and Tony

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 13 minutes

Dominica is tied up in bed in a satin night shirt, full bottom panties and pantyhose as a man tosses things out of her bedside drawers. He is looking for an SD card. Dominica assures him that she doesn’t have it and that her sister hid it far away from his boss. He doesn’t like that idea. He stuffs her mouth, pulls a cloth tightly between her bright white teeth and leaves her there. She notices her phone on the bedside table and scoots over to it, grabbing it with her pantyhose clad feet, only to have it drop on the ground. She gets out of bed to try to get it but he reappears. He adds more rope to her, puts her on the floor and hogties her. Not sure if her gag will stay in her puts clear tape over it to shut her up real good and leaves her there to struggle.

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