Journal Update

Hi everyone. Many of you know I haven’t looked in my emails since fall of 2016. I haven’t been on Tumblr or said much on twitter or been on fetlife. I have been posting fairly regularly to instagram lately tho if you’d like to follow me there. The account is private but just send a request. My name there is plush1…..

Tony/ hubby/gotcuffs answers the support emails here but aside from that nothing happens. I haven’t done sessions or, done my own customs or taken requests or corresponded with fans- absolutely no one at all. At this point I’m ready but I have horrible anxiety about looking in my inbox. I know there will be some really hateful, angry messages and the idea of going so far back gives this anxious woman anxiety. So Tony archived my old messages a week ago, so when I go in there I’ll only see the most recent messages- just to not overwhelm myself.

That being said I’m ready to start customs but I’m going to have rules for now so I don’t get overhwhelmed… I’ll only be doing one girl at a time. I’m going to start with Fayth on Fire who I will be shooting the 10th and 12th of this month. She has been doing a lot of bondage and is extra tough and she switches!! So she will be available for bondage customs for this site or gotcuffs customs. When you inquire please give me some details- tie/ gag details, storyline idea, outfit wants. I will then send you a price. I don’t charge per minute or cut the clip off at a certain time. I shoot until its done and no one ever complains that my customs are too short…. I charge based on things like how long it will take overall and how hard it will be.  More about my customs, we don’t memorize lines, but we happily follow the storyline idea. I like things to flow organically. If there are key words and or key phrases that you want to hear that is no problem but we can’t memorize a script or keep cutting to look at it.  Customs can be paid via amazon giftcards emailed or Square for credit cards. 


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