Bonus video shot many years ago

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14 minutes

I have been tied into a tight boxtie (by Eric Cai with scarves and I’m gagged with a big scarf shoved into my mouth and another one wrapped around my head (cleave)and then yet another one wrapped over that (OTM/ over the mouth) I am wearing a silk suit, pantyhose and heels, and the heels are eventually removed. I’m hogtied with even more scarves and then eventually a satin pillowcase is put over my head and tied off behind me! At this point the tie is really restrictive and my breathing is quite labored! I know most girls are far more comfortable in box ties but my shoulders are built differently I suppose and as silly as this may sound this was actually a challenging task for me, tho I enjoyed it very much. This was part of a custom video request 😉

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