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regag until the end

Rachel and JJ are going on a ski trip. Rachel brags about her expensive fluffy uggs and furry hat while wearing shiny white pants and a tight black sweater. JJ is a little annoyed that she is rubbing in all of her new purchases when she can barely afford to go on the trip. Finally Rachel mentions that Tony will be on the trip. Tony happens to be the only man JJ ever loved. They broke up when she left for graduate school across the country. She never really got over him and Rachel is well aware of that. JJ is seething now… Rachel stands up and walks over to the bed and starts to ask about a bag of rope. JJ grabs her by the neck and she goes down. Now Rachel is standing hot pants and fluffy boots on display in a basic strappado wearing a tiny white ballgag. JJ comes back and pulls her elbows close. Rachel is clearly distressed. JJ crotch ropes her and ties one of her ankles up. She doesn’t feel bad at all that her brat friend is in misery. She is let down from the strappado, sat in a chair. Arms retied in a reverse prayer, 2 socks stuffed in her mouth, clear tape wrapped around her miserably little head. Nipple clamps make her get tears in her eyes. She is left in the chair and then she gets to the ground where she is hogtied, nipple clamps come off. After some strugging and whining JJ comes back and decides to remove her big fluffy ugg boots. Oh she is barefoot now. JJ puts the boots on and decides she wants to keep them. She calls them a parting gift since they will no longer be friends. She slides Rachel over to the post where she attaches the hogtie up high and ties her wintery looking feet. She won’t be able to roll for any relief, poor dear…..

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