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run time 41 minutes

Kimberly comes home on New Years Eve and finds a strange woman sitting on her couch. She says her young daughter has been abducted and if she ever wants to see her again she must do as she is told. In this case it means being bound and gagged to be taken to her daughter. Kim reluctantly obeys. She is tied up, crotch roped, fishnet stockings stuffed in her mouth and tight microfoam tape wrapped around her head. She tries to talk to the woman tying her up but her words are too muffled. She is nipple clamped and left for a bit before it is time for more. The clamps go off and then unlucky for her they go back on the other way. She is miserable. The big gag is removed and only a small ballgag replaces it for a bit. Then she is balltied and the gag goes off- not for good, only to put a fishnet stocking over her head. She is left in that little ball. She lays there in misery and then she feels a knot at her hands- she picks and picks and gets the balltie rope off! Eventually she is free, the woman is still gone. She takes off the nipple clamps clearly upset. She soon gets up and reads the note next to the couch which simply says her daughter is still safe at the babysitters house- this woman was just looking to make someone feel helpless.

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