2nd update of the week

This was her first time in bondage in over 2 years!

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run time 33 minutes

Jane comes into the room and reads a  note from her lover asking her to tie herself up for him. He requests that she wears the fuzzy pink sweater. She gags herself and gets to work tying up her long legs and once they are done her boyfriends wife comes in. She wrote the note. Jane tries to hop away but she can’t. The wife gropes at her and ties her up more. She tells Jane she let her hubby have lovers if she could be involved but too but he insisted on sneaking around. Jane does not like the idea of a female lover and spews a bunch more things at the angry wife to make her more jealous through hergag. Her elbows are bound, she is crotchroped, she is forced to grab the wifes boobs.  Her ballgag  is swapped out for a colorful rag and her pretty face is wrapped with  clear tape and later black tape after that. She is hogtied in her bare feet and eventually left alone.

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