something I shot prior to opening this site-

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run time 38 minutes

This red headed Peg Bundy wanna be was wandering around my building messing with artwork and trying to get into one of the work spaces. I ran up to her with a fake g*n and put it to her head, told her to get on her fucking knees. She was terrified and got down on her knees, I guess she thought the g*n was real. Then I cuffed her hands, her ankles and elbows and made her walk back to my special space. She was wearing 6 inch heels, which I really enjoyed watching her walk in. Once we got to my door, I put a pretty red ballgag in her mouth. Now she is just perfect. I lead her over to a chair and cuff her hands to the chair and attach her leg irons so she can’t get up and run. I take some pictures of her to sell on the internet. Next I unbutton her shirt and nipple clamp her. She doesn’t like it. I pull the nipple clamps down to the base of the chair, to put her in a more uncomfortable position and then I take some string and tie her gag back to the back of the chair. She’s a bit more snug now and just kind of whining a bit. I don’t like them to move too much. I leave her that way for a while, then I decide it is time to swap out that gag. I stuff her mouth with a shop towel and wrap some bandaging around her buldging mouth and add a little electrical tape. I ask her if she wants me to pull those clamps off fast or slow, I can’t tell what she says so I do one of each. She gets a little fiesty until I remind her that she could go to jail instead. I uncuff her hands and begin to tie her up ( all tieing on screen). She pouts as I tie her up. I keep her legs cuffed to the chair while I do her arms, but I make the mistake of uncuffing them as I wander away to get more rope so she makes a run for the door. I chase after her and put my fake g*n to her head and walk her back to the chair. I tie her ankles up and find $100 bucks peeking out from the bottom of her spandex pants. My lucky day! Then I tie up her knees. She struggles in the chair while I go to get the last broads panties to shove in her mouth. First I put them on her head and leave them there for a little humiliation, Then I cut off the gag and have her spit the rag out. She spits the rag out and I shove those panties in her frowning mouth and then I wrap her head with electrical tape. I make her get on the floor where she struggles for a bit before I hogtie her as she lays there helpless. She struggles in her hogtie for a little while and then I return with a cigarette. I blow the smoke in her face as she chokes on it. I only smoke a little of it and then I put the thing out on her fancy heel, before attaching another rope to hoist her up a bit with, shortly thereafter I put a stocking over her head and keep it in place with clear electrical tape. Then I tie it back to the hogtie of course. What a nice little package she is. I admire my work for a moment and then grab the camera. I snap some photos but I swear I saw her flicking me off, and figure I’ll change that by tieing up her little fingers with some twine. I tell her that my shift is over and I want to go home, but I’m working again in the morning so I’ll be sure to let her out then.

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