I dipped out of emails for a long while when many potential new custom clients were writing me about upcoming shoots. I know this upsets many of you and you think you said something off putting…..not the case, I have just been checked out and not looking at all.

That being said, Ophelia arrives tomorrow evening and I’ll be shooting with her a bunch until the 28th. I am just going into messages and looking for her custom clients right now.

Within the next few days I’ll be getting back to the Alba, Karin Sin, Payton custom clients-

I WILL catch up. Please be patient. Please feel free to resend stuff and bump yourself to the top as well.

I’ll be shooting some solo stuff I’m behind on this weekend as well.

I keep being told that my customs are so much more affordable than many others….. I’m gonna say it is because of my guilty conscious… and tendency to disappear from emails and really frustrate certain types of people who are into ordering customs (however I don’t like to be paid way ahead of time and if you send a giftcard I don’t cash it until you clip is done). HOWEVER some models have very high rates for customs and that is on them… I can’t change that.

My FAVORITES are repeat customers. The kind of clients who I get to know exactly what their likes are and things happen naturally and affordably with everyone happy at the end of the day. That is the absolute best.

Much love!!


Coming tomorrow to borntobebound, a 3 scene clip starring Dakkota



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