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The chair part is a custom video

interested in one, please email me

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run time over 30 minutes

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rope bondage only


Petite and naturally busty local Lexi Warrior is back. She has 7 minutes to escape the restraint chair while wearing that panel gag with a ball in it. Then she gets to attempt to make another escape out of a hogtie. First on display a big white ballgag and then on display a panty gag with lots of tape. I remove her heels for a shot of her reinforced toe pantyhose. She is irritated that she can’t escape the hogtie. I made it a little too difficult……so I remove the hogtie, now she can at least sit up 😉

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full clip 27 minutes and 45 seconds

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cuffs only 9 minutes and 25 seconds

hogtaping scene only coming tomorrow

Lexi Warrior is a lovely young brat that absolutely loves bondage. While wearing a one piece pantyhose outfit and panties she hogcuffs herself while ballgagged and gets into a box that my new dogs food came in. She waits for me to arrive and then I get her out of the box and she wriggles around and then gets the cuffs off so I can hogtape her. She has never been hogtaped but she thought it sounded like fun. I make sure to tape up her fingers remembering that she is a brat but what I didn’t do is wrap lots and lots of tape around for the hogtaping which she quickly realizes and contorts her face and uses all of her strength to bust out of the hogtaping eventually which is just fine… I slide her back into the box and tape it up for a friend of mine to discover. Next time I’ll just add more instead of letting her rip it.

Her first ever bondage video and she is local. I am shooting her again the 22nd. I gave her ZERO instructions before beginning. At the very end when she went quiet in bondage I just asked her to remember that the people that watching would prefer it if she moved and made some noise…Adorable bondage loving girl!

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run time: 28 minutes

When pretty young Lexi Warrior enters her apartment she is shocked to see two people and a pile of rope on the bed. She is the secret lover of a politician and she has been talking to her little friend so fixers were sent her way to scare her…She is tied up and tethered to the bed post, she gets a big ballgag and nipple clamps. The panties are taken from her own body and later used to stuff her mouth. Her perfect boobs get tied up and she is hogtied and left helpless on the floor, for now.