When I started this website in 2011 all of the videos were in wmv format, but after a couple years I switched to MP4. The MP4 can be downloaded OR streamed to your devices, the wmvs only downloaded.

After logging in as a member you can download any video on the site by right clicking on the member download link and then saving the file to your computer. After it downloads you will be able to view it. Below is a short sample old wmv that you can download and play.

Members: Right Click Here and Save File to Download


Below here is a free sample of how the current mp4s that I am uploading to this site should stream or download for you.

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream


I post 3 NEW clip updates per week but on occasion I also post bonus image sets in zip files. I also occasionally post bonus clips. Below is a link to a free sample image set. If you are specifically trying to locate image sets easily just type photos in the search key and the list will come up for you.

members right click here to download this zipfile




If you need technical support on this site please email support at borntobebound.com.  We highly recommend Firefox as a web browser.

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